Enhancing the Quality of the ISP Series is a sequence of courses that focus on the development and implementation of the Individual Support Plan (ISP). The series includes live sessions, webcasts, supporting documents and resources based on current ODP Bulletins and established business practice.

Additional ISP Resources are located at the bottom of this page.

Applying the Principles of Person-Centered Planning
Practice and receive immediate feedback on the use of person-centered tools and skills in supporting people with life planning. If you are interested in hosting a live, three-hour session in your agency/organization, please send an email to the ODP/OCS Help Desk.

Foundations of ISP Development
Explore the Individual Preferences and Understanding Communication sections of the ISP as well as other factors influencing ISP development to promote a shared understanding of plan development
One (1) hour webcast.

Resources for Consistent Statewide Practices
Topical information provided to support the consistent development and implementation of individual support plans (ISPs) throughout Pennsylvania.

ISP Manual 2012 Update
This four (4) credit hour course contains five (5) webcast lessons that focus on the requirements for the development and implementation of Individual Support Plans. The ISP Manual is an attachment to the ISP Bulletin and contains information on each specific service included in Appendix C of the approved Consolidated and P/FDS Waivers as well as the corresponding procedure codes.

Supplemental Habilitation and Additional Individualized Staffing Services Overview 2012 Update
This revised webcast provides an overview of the prior authorization process for Supplemental Habilitation and Additional Individualized Staffing (SH/AIS) services and the new SH/AIS User Guide. At the end of this course, you should be familiar with the prior authorization process, able to use the SH/AIS Guide to locate information more easily and describe when to use Supplemental Habilitation and Additional Individualized Staffing services.
One (1) hour webcast.

Checklist for Administrative Entities Review and Approval of ISPs
Understand the reasons for the Checklist including which ISPs should be reviewed using it, and responsibility for using it. Implementation time line and next steps are also outlined
One (1) hour webcast.

Pennsylvania's Outcomes Training

Lesson 1: Building a Foundation
This one hour webcast will provide basic information on using Person-Centered tools and approaches that will be helpful to you as you learn more about outcomes.
One (1) hour webcast

Lesson 2: It's About the Person, Not Just the Process
This interactive session provided guidance for developing outcomes that meet ODP standards. Throughout the training day, participants applied skills and new learning. This six (6) hour live training was conducted in October and November 2011.
PA Outcomes Training - Follow Up Activity
This course provides a review of information presented in the face-to-face training, Pennsylvania’s Outcomes Training Lesson 2: It's About the Person, Not Just the Process. After watching the webcast, participants will practice writing an outcome summary and outcome actions based on John’s information.

PA Outcomes Training FAQs

Additional ISP Resources
ISP Signature Page (DP 1032 Informational Memo #022-11
ISP Checklist for AE Review and Approval of ISPs (Word)
ISP Checklist for AE Review and Approval of ISPs (PDF)